Better Things is a very good addition in terms of comedy that came to us in the form of this new vehicle for Louie´s and Family Guy vet Pamela Adlon.
The show is cocreated by Adlon and Louis C.K., and runs on FX, so to start things off that is a good start, right?
In the show, a semi-biographical comedy in which Adlon plays Sam, an actress trying to raise her three daughters (two teenagers and one still a child), while juggling to try and make it in Hollywood.

Better Things FX Pamela Adlon

The girl in the Poster of Better Things is Pamela Adlon

The daughters are portrayed by Mikey Madison as Max, Hannah Alligood as Frankie and Olivia Edward as Duke; and the pilot had lots of cameos, that I´d expect to see more coming in the next episodes. Julie Bowen and Constance Zimmer
played themselves, and Bradley Whitford was in character as Gary.

The pilot sets the tone of the show and makes us very optimistic about the direction of it. It is funny, it is relatable, it has good rythm, and it has enough crazy things as to surprise us.

Something interesting about this show is that, even though it has some Louie vibe to it, which is a good thing to have; it also has its own voice, which is even better.
Maybe, just maybe this is the role that will get Pamela Adlon the much deserved props she should be getting but never found as she´s been a supporting castmember in great shows but never the lead on one. This is it. Make sure to catch it Thursdays on FX, and I hope the show keeps up the promise of good television it made during the pilot.

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