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steve weber I got Chandler... I like you on FB
bn100 I'm like Rachel. Test seemed accurate
Clark Kent You know there's other shows besides 30 Rock, don't you
Sara Torok Nancy Grace has been spoofed on several TV shows, including Law & Order (Faith Yancy), and Boston Legal (Gracie Jane). That counts at least up somewhere in the 20's in my book. :-)
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Big Love Episode 52 Preview, spoilers and teasers for march 6 The Noose Tightens [...] Big Love is on its final season, and a new episode is just around the corner. This one calle The Noose Tightens, and I have a whole bunch of spoilers, teaser videos from Big Love episode S05E08 The Noose Tightens. [...]
Ann Dostal I am very sorry to see Big Love end...I always look forward to seeing certain shows. The regular channels have nothing to watch. Bigest Looser, American Idol...Just lame shows. It would be nice, if like in years past, shows stayed on for years and you knew what night and when to watch them. I will really miss Big Love. Sorry to see it go.