cougar-town-walls-spoilers-quotesCougar Town was back tonight! I already told you ten reasons to watch Cougar Town. But just in case you haven´t started yet, I´ll talk about tonight´s episode, called Walls, where Once again Jules chooses to get too involved in Travis’ life. Ellie decides to step in and tell Jules it’s time to stop being so clingy. Meanwhile, Bobby and Laurie partner up to bring Penny Can to the masses and Andy teaches Grayson a lesson in friendship.

Today Cougar Town´s Subtitle

Hi Dance Fans, Please Still Be There

Best Quotes from Cougar Town Walls

Jules: Are you two dummies on the yard again playing human Wack a Hole

Ellie: Hot damn this is good bread… oh we are still sad?

Laurie: We could give her a puppy that would blow up if she ever took it across town lines. It´s from my new screenplay “The Blow Up pup”. It´s a prequel to Speed.
Jules: It´s not.
Laurie: Or you could let Travis handle this alone.
Ellie: Jellybean. You just simultaneously uttered the dumbest and the smartest things you´ve ever said
Laurie: That´s how I do

Bobby: What´s happening here?
Ellie: I´m finally telling Jules she´s too meddlesome into Travis´things.

Ellie: Because Jules when it comes to Travis… Bobby´s the better parent

Bobby: Bobby Cobb´s number one rule of parenting: “Never get involved”
Jules: Name one thing I’ve done to Travis that is ‘meddlesome’!

Andy: Forbidden fruit
Grayson: I´m not liking this one

Travis: Surprisingly not a robot

Jules: Travis wants to propose. Yay, I got it! … Wait, No, no, NO!

Jules: You look like a very gay Freddy Mercury

Jules:That is your first blister
Travis: I had a great life

Guy: What did you say to my wife?
Grayson: Are you really just one guy?

Recap from Cougar Town Walls

Recap by Murph and the magic tones for

And the Cul-de-Sac Crew is bac!. And once they’ve gotten their lips of the butts of Dancing with the Stars viewers, it’s time to dig up the time capsule Jules (Courteney Cox) and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) buried in the background when Travis (Dan Byrd) was born. Well, Bobby was, because Jules forgot to dig it up last year when Travis was 18. Bobby needs his lucky visor from the capsule for playing golf because he needs cash. It has a lot of things in it, such as her grandmother’s engagement ring, old photos, Travis’ old Teddy Ruxpin doll, and most importantly (to Bobby), .38 Special cassettes. (HEY, nothing wrong with .38 Special! “Hold on Loosely” is EPIC!) Travis might be interested in that engagement ring, though. At least Jules is thinking that. Kirsten (Collette Wolfe) got a job in Chicago and would be leaving in a few months. Of course, Jules being Jules (and BTW, going on hiatus REALLY agrees with Courteney. She looked amazing.) she has to scheme to keep Kirsten in Florida and in love with Travis. But Ellie (Christa Miller) and Laurie (Busy Philipps) thinks that’s over the line. (And it beats Laurie’s plan to give Kirsten a puppy that explodes if she takes it across town lines…sort of a prequel to Speed.) Ellie wants Jules to stop meddling in Travis’ life.

JULES: Name one thing I’ve done to Travis that is ‘meddlesome’!

(all at once) BOBBY: Watched him while he slept. ELLIE: You scare his girlfriend away. LAURIE: You want to live in his blood.

At Grayson’s bar, Andy (Ian Gomez) won’t pass a single attractive woman a napkin or give them the time because he automatically assumes they’re hitting on him. Grayson (Josh Hopkins) thinks it’s BS, until one actually does the ol’ “I’m just reaching for something and I’m sorry my breasts grazed you for an extended period of time”. So Grayson and Andy corner one of the other ladies Andy thought was hitting on her, only her VERY large husband definitely agrees she just wanted to know the time.

Bobby takes a break with the gang, and what is the only thing they can do on a break? PENNY CAN! (Bill Lawrence has asked me to type it that way the first time I enter it into every synopsis from now on. j/k) Laurie comes up with the idea of selling printed Penny Cans. And since I lived through lava lamps, the Shake Weight, and the Pet Rock, this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard of. Laurie and Bobby invest $400 in cans, printing, and pennies. And then there’s the radio ad, because Penny Can is the most addictive coin-based game to come along since Heads or Tails. Grayson won’t invest, since he thinks it’s a dumber idea than Laurie’s “Gayke Shop.” (“Find me a gay guy who doesn’t love cake!”) Bobby thinks that kicks ass, since it always felt bad when he got his ass kicked, which Grayson can’t figure out for the life of him. But at least now Grayson knows what happens when the penny goes into the can and bounces out: a ‘stache attack, which Jules actually wears very well. (Scary!)

When Travis borrows Tom’s metal detector (the one you sweep on the ground, not the ones they have in schools now) to find the capsule, suddenly Jules is convinced Travis is getting the engagement ring and will propose to Kirsten. (No!) And now Jules needs to do the “No-No Dance” to cover for her discovery.

As everybody tries to rock the No-No Dance (including Grayson, who looks like a REALLY gay Freddy Mercury with his drawn-on mustache), Jules is determined to stop Travis from proposing. Ellie talks to her, and she is convinced she can step back on this, although Grayson isn’t convinced. Of course, he’s also not convinced Penny Can will work, nor will Bobby’s idea of paint-in-a-bag.

GRAYSON: There were so many ways Bobby could have better spent that money. He could have put it in a pile and set it on fire!

After Bobby turns down Jules trying to talk Travis out of proposing because he didn’t want to look like the jerk, Jules does an end-around and digs up the capsule, hiding it in her closet. Even going so far as to lacing Travis’ lemonade with cough syrup to make him take a nap. Ellie is going ballistic at Jules because the “clingy Mom” routine looks worse on Jules than scarves. (“They give you bird face.”)

As Grayson and Andy hide out from the very large man jumping on Grayson’s car, Andy wants him to stop being so practical and be more supportive. One or two of the women were hitting on him, so why can’t Andy think all of them were? Or Jules might actually be able to leave Travis alone? (serious gray area there). Or support Laurie and Bobby in their Penny Can business? He wants Grayson to slap out of it. (They changed it from ‘snap’, and you can take a good guess how.) However, Grayson does slap out of it (once he gets his car turned back on its wheels) by hosting a Penny Can night at the bar, which is a rousing success. Ellie gets Jules at the bar (after demonstrating her prowess at Moving Target Penny Can…complete with No-No Dance), and called her own mother to demonstrate to Jules how much she regrets her mother picking on every little detail of her life. She doesn’t want Travis to resent Jules. Jules gets the point and brought Travis the time capsule. Travis finds the visor, the Teddy Ruxpin doll (complete with Bobby wishing him a Happy 18th), and he puts the engagement ring in his pocket. And all Jules says is she loves him. Travis takes the time capsule back to school, leaving Jules and Ellie to look at his baby pictures?

JULES: (sad) So, now do I just sit here and wait to see what happens? Ugh, this totally kicks ass.

ELLIE: (hugs her and gives her Big Carl) I know, sweetie.

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