friends-meme37Friends is all over Netflix these days, after being added to the streaming giant catalog, and fans all over are rewatching the sitcom classic. With the huge trend of revivals going on, spanning from Girl Meets World, Fuller House, Coach, Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Heroes, Punk´d, Celebrity Deathmatch, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Arrested Development and Dallas a while back; everybody is looking for the next revived TV show. And Friends Co-Star Matthew Perry is on a revival of his own doing The Odd Couple to success. So why not a Friends revival? A Friends reunion show?

Well, precisely that is what Ryan Seacrest asked Courteney Cox during a radio interview in On Air with Ryan Seacrest, during a segment he called Courteney COxBlox, in which Seacrest posed scenarios to Cox which she should say if she would do or block. And the question finally came if she was willing to do a revival of Friends?

Ryan Seacrest: “The cast of Friends says, ‘Hey we want to continue the show.’ Courteney Cox blocks it or doesn’t blocks it?”

Courteney Cox: “Oh man. That’s a tough one!”…“One episode, Thanksgiving! What happened to them?”

That maybe brings a glimmer of hope to the hordes of Friends fans… but I really don´t see a scenario where that actually happens… I´ll just be hopeful as well, but not confident it will happen.

For the time being we will just have to take those Jimmy Kimmel´s bits or guest appearances from one of the castmembers on another co-star show as te best kind of reunion we can get.

But you know what they say, hope is the last thing we lose.

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