pivot-ross-couch-friendsFriends has ended a long time ago, but we can be safe to say that whenever there´s a rerun on out TV we stop and watch and laugh with it like it´s the first time.

So, now that I´ve created a Pinboard dedicated to honor the memory of Friends. Let´s also review the ten things we miss the most about Friends. And head to the comments to add more things you miss about it.

10 Things we miss about Friends

  • Chandler´s punchlines: Chandler was probably one of the funniest characters ever, and even though his role started just as a comic relief kind of a guy, he evolved into one of the biggest and better funny guys ever on TV. And his jokes were always a major part of each and every episode. And also, the episode when he proposed to Monica or when he pleaded for the adoption of the baby to the surrogate mother were so emotional and brought everybody to tears, showing the huge range that he had.
  • Ross´ underrated hilariousness: He was uptight and serious. But he was so delightfully ridiculous that he made us everybody laugh. Ever since his first “Hi” in the pilot, we were hooked to him. “Pivot! Pivot!” “Unagi” and so many more we say at any given time in our regular day to day life is just part of the result of having watched ten years of Ross.
  • Phoebe´s songs: We all still sing Smelly Cat, but there were so many great songs from her. I really need a Greatest Hits album from Phoebe Buffay on mi iPod. Furthermore, I crave it.
  • Rachel´s presence: I know Jennifer Aniston went on to become a bonafide movie star, breaking whatever possible Friends curse, but there was no role like Rachel, where she was both the dream girl, and a girl next door all in one.
  • Monica´s craziness: She was loud, obnoxious, a neat freak. But so funny. “I Know!”  And her pairing with Chandler was so perfect we couldn´t have asked for more.
  • Joey Tribbiani as a whole: He was a celebrity, he was poor, he was kinda silly and goofy, he had all the ladies. He had the best pickup lines. We all still try the “How You Doin´”. Don´t you?
  • The Apartments and Central Perk: When I got the chance to visit the set of Friends, I visited the apartments and The Central Perk. It moved me. After all, it was a place I enjoyed for ten years. Even though I was never there before, and it was actually just a fictional place, it was a big part of our lives.
  • The Pop Culture automatic additions: Unagi, How You Doin, Could I Be Any More.. and so on… We are still quoting Friends like the show was still on. And we need more pop culture references from Friends. This season of Psych, when Shawn Spencer said something and then added: “One more, Chandler Style” was a big pop culture reference for 2013.
  • The role players: Gunther, the families, the guest stars, Janice! Oh My God! Nuff said.
  • The relationships: There were not a lot of better Bromances ever than Chandler and Joey, not any better on again off again couples as Ross and Rachel, not any better instant clicking and soulmates as Monica and Chandler, not any better friendship between man and woman as Joey and Phoebe. We´ll all miss that.
  • Just as a Bonus Track: The Flashbacks and the Thanksgiving Episodes: Those two things rank among the funniest episodes ever taking into consideration any show ever. Making the claim that Friends may very well be the Best Sitcom Ever very plausible.

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