Psych - Season 7 FinaleThe show is about to reach its seventh season finale and folks at USA sent me the episode in advance to screen it and talk a bit about it. I won´t do, as I usually do the full best moments and quotes, as that article will go live AFTER the episode airs as not to give away spoilers. And specially not to give away the incredible cliffhanger ending to Psych season seven.

But, I will talk about the first ten minutes of the episode so you can get a taste of it.
Remember Psych season seven finale No Trout About It airs Wednesday May 29th at 10/9 C on USA.

In the seventh season finale of USA’s fan-favorite series PSYCH, an eccentric police consultant (80’s Brat-packer guest star Anthony Michael Hall) is brought into the SBPD to interview Shawn (James Roday), Gus (Dule Hill), Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) about their unorthodox investigation methods. It involves a seemingly impossible case about a poisoned man with a ticking clock looking to solve his own murder before his time runs out.

Best Moments from Season Seven Finale first ten minutes

The episode starts with Henry flirting with a girl on a marathon, and Gus and Shawn on a car chase in the Blueberry. That scene alone makes the episode a must watch.

Shawn: Don´t hit any humans.
Gus: I got it Shawn, I know what I´m doing.

Shawn: Get out of my way, I´m a Psychic, damned!

Henry: Do you do a lot of these things?

Lassiter: I´m gonna catch this son of a bith or die trying.

Lassiter: What consultant?
Chief Vick: Mr Harris Trout
Gus: What kind of a name is that?

Chief Vick: This is one maipulative SOB, one who will use silence as a tactic.
Gus: Silence make me uncomfortable.
Shawn: It´s alright Gus, I´m sure you´ll be just…
Gus: Don´t do that Shawn.

Trout: I´m also a consultant on a TV show called Badge and Honor. I also won an Emmy for my work an episode called My Homey Hiney.

Trout: Put it there

Gus: So, is Trout a family name or… I had waffles for breakfast… wanna hear my shoulder click?

Trout: Here´s the bad news: You are fired!
Everybody: What?
Trout: Here´s the good news. You have the chance to tell me why you shouldn´t be fired.

And that´s as far as I will go on this preview of Psych´s seventh season finale. I don´t want to give away any spoilers.

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