Hollywood Game Night - Season 1All those rumors about Friends coming back, as a movie and all, are unfortunately just that, rumors. But, for all the Friends fans around, there are always glimpses to quiet the cravings. This time those glimpses came from Hollywood Game Night. But there was not only two of Friends Alum: Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay in their real world alter egos: Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow. There were also Kristen Bell, Daniel Dae Kim, Martin Short and Alyson Hannigan.

Watch some of the videos from those TV Moments

hollywood game night: Lil Picassos

The guest stars and contestants must guess the celebrity being portrayed in a child’s drawing.

Hollywood Game Night: The One with the Friends

Guest stars Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Martin Short, Allison Hannigan, Kristen Bell, and Daniel Dae Kim team up with normal people to compete in outrageous party games.

Hollywood Game Night airs Thursdays on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET).

In the series, two contestants in each episode will be transported from their everyday lives into a once-in-a-lifetime night of fun and celebration as they step beyond the velvet rope and rub shoulders with some of their favorite celebrities. Part Hollywood club and part casual game night, the series promises viewers a fresh look into the lives of the celebrity crowd.

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