nurses-tvYou know there´s a lot of shows about doctors, and there have always been a lot. And very few focusing on nurses, or giving nurses their fair share on doctors shows. Often nurses are the one night stand for a resident doctor and things like that.
Well, folks at Nurse Tips did an excellent piece about 10 Great TV Series about nursing, that include those shows led by Nurses, or giving nurses enough playing time as to be considered part of the leading cast.
Although there are a few inaccuracies (as stating ER as a current show), the list is very much spot on, although I´d make Nurse Jackie climb a little swapping her position with Jada Pinkett Smith´s Hawthorne.

Top Ten Nurses on TV Shows

1- ER:

ER has generally portrayed nurses as competent, caring health workers and avoided the most obvious stereotypes

2- Nurse Jackie:

What´s not to love about the pill-popping super nurse who also is a wife, mother and ex-lover to the hospital pharmacist.

3- Janet Dean, Registered Nurse:

This series featured vignettes about the nursing profession at the end of each of the series’ 39 episodes.

4- M*A*S*H*:

Chief Nurse Major Margaret Houlihan (Loretta Swit) offered authority, nursing skills, and commitment to the patients’ well being, and as the show went on she grew increasingly sympathetic.

5- Nurse:

The dramatic story of Mary Benjamin (Michael Learned), a middle-aged widow who attempts to begin a new life by resuming her career as a head nurse at Grant Memorial Hospital.

6- Nurses:

Revising the nursing from a sitcom perspective.

7- Hawthorne:

This show follow  Christina Hawthorne, a Chief Nursing Officer ready for battle on the front lines of a war against declining patient services and hospital budget cuts.

8- Nurse TV:

This is the first Web-based reality show that aims to recruit more nurses to address the nursing shortage. NTV provides nurses, healthcare professionals and consumers with an in-depth look at the real-life medical drama of a profession where every second counts.

9- RAN: Remote Area Nurse:

This Australian show followed the life of Helen Tremain (Susie Porter), the Remote Area Nurse, charged with providing medical services to the remote Torres Strait Islanders community.

10- The District Nurse:

Megan Roberts, the titular district nurse fighting to improve living conditions for the people living in a poverty-stricken mining town, Pencwm, in South Wales during the late 1920s.

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