the-memory-book-hallmark-mysteriesA budding, young photographer stumbles upon an old photo album chronicling the ideal romance of a happy couple. Intrigued by the love of this couple and unable to find her own “true love,” she sets out to find the couple and figure out if true love exists.

In a San Francisco art gallery, young photographer Chloe Davenport shows her photo exhibit to Gabe Sinclair, an attractive, slightly older guy with a “bad boy” charm. Chloe mistakes Gabe for an art critic and, as he walks away, Gabe lets Chloe know he finds her attractive. Chloe, at this time, is not attracted to Gabe. Taylor, Chloe’s cute and bubbly girlfriend/roommate, is enjoying complimentary champagne and flirting with Charlie, an attractive waiter. Chloe is feeling
disappointed since nobody is interested in buying her photos.

After the art show, Chloe and Taylor go to a bar. Taylor scans the room to see if there are any desirable guys for Chloe, who, not believing in lasting love, has chosen to remain single. Chloe questions whether or not true romance exists and wonders if anyone is really happy. Charlie walks in and Taylor pursues him, leaving Chloe alone at the bar. To her surprise, Gabe is the bartender. Chloe asks Gabe what he thought of her photo exhibit, which featured photos of
inanimate objects like doors, windows, buildings, etc. Chloe says she finds beauty in everyday objects. Gabe says he finds warmth and beauty in people. It is clear that Chloe has been hurt in the past and doesn’t trust people, particularly when it comes to relationships and love.
The next day, Chloe wanders around a swap meet. Mabel, an eccentric swap meet vendor, sells Chloe an old memory book, a decades-old scrapbook that features photos documenting the beautiful romance of a couple, Jonathan and Sarah. Chloe becomes fascinated with Jonathan and Sarah’s loving relationship. Maybe true love really does exist, after all? Taylor tells Chloe to find a “Jonathan” of her own. At Chloe’s studio, she continues looking through the memory book and tells Reggie, her assistant, she longs for the happiness and deeply passionate romance that Jonathan and Sarah display in the memory book photos. Taylor tells Chloe that the memory book came into her life as a sign, a way of telling her that lasting love is possible.
Wanting to know the story of Jonathan and Sarah’s love, Chloe decides to try to track them down.
At the bar, Chloe spots a photo of the restaurant where Jonathan and Sarah are having dinner in one of the memory book photos. Gabe offers to take Chloe to the restaurant and she reluctantly agrees. She is still not romantically interested in Gabe, but his increasingly irresistible smile might be starting to wear her down.

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