Psych-S06E14-Autopsy-Turvy-Quotes-ReferencesYou wanted more Woody the Coroner on Psych? Well, you got a whole episode on him, in Psych S06E14 Autopsy Turvy, in an episode where Shawn and Gus need to investigate in order to save Woody´s job after he made a mistake on an autopsy he conducted on a man who died after getting hit by a bus and ruled an accident by Woody. And the complete name of the episode is “Guillermo Del Toro presents: Autopsy Turvy“.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych S06E14 autopsy turvy

The episode references Topsy Turvy

Woody: We were also briefly, lovers
Jules: Ew

Shawn: Ok, If The Woodman says it was an accident,

then so do we

Shawn: Don´t worry, we will do it Pro Bono. We´ll be all Haley Joel Osment “Pay it Forward”
Gus: Why can´t we be Haley Joel Osment and get paid, like he did on Country Bears?
Shawn: HJO was in Country Bears?
Lassiter: He played a bear named Barry Barryngton
Shawn: Oh My God, is there anything this kid can´t do?
Lassiter: Well, he´s not a kid anymore. He is technically a young man

Gus: Dude, we have already hung out with too many crazy white people this year

Woody: If there´s a murder to be solved, no one is better than me. No one! Well, maybe Gary Sinise… maybe Sinise.

Shawn: Where the hell are we?
Gus: When the hell are we?

Gus: This is all you Shawny boy
Shawn: Suck it up, Gus

Miss Ivana: You are think wether Ted Knight and JJ Bullock had anything to talk about in the set of Too Close for Comfort

Miss Ivana turns a tarot card of Death and it´s the image of Darth Vader.

Whip: Would it be too out of order to make a quick stop at Arby´s?
Shawn: No, it would not

Shawn: I gotta tell you Lassie, investigating this neighborhood has been pretty bizarre, underbelly, kinda like After Hours
Gus: Without the comforting presence of Griffin Dunn

Woody: I may need to change my Facebook relationship status to “It´s Complicated”

Woody: As it turns out we still enjoy both Jerry Garcia and Cherry Garcia

Shawn: It´s like Blair Underwood in Just Cause and you´ll pass
Gus: I don´t want to bludgeon you

Shawn: I think we gotta roll, Woodster, I got back to back episodes of Hot in Cleveland on TiVo

Shawn: You gonna drink a dead man´s Youhoo?
Gus: You gotta put that image in my head, did you?

Grace: What is all that?
Woody: You don´t wanna know. Let´s pretend we are doing an episode of Red Show Diaries

Woody: I´m not ready to die. I haven´t yet seen Gwen Stefani in concert, please!

Psych Nicknames on the episode

For Woody, Shawn calls him “The Woodman” and “Woodster”

For Heny, one of the voluptuous ladies on the dance floor calls him “Captain Magic”.

One of the guys in the audience at Penny´s performance calls Lassiter “Detective Gangly”

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