suits-s02e03-meet-the-new-bossThis week, sophomore hit Suits is brining an original episode to air Thursday a 10/9 C on USA When Harvey bristles at Daniel’s (guest star David Costabile) involvement on a lawsuit he’s handling, but their battle to one up each other threatens the case, leaving Mike caught in the middle. Mike handles complications with the two most important women in his life. After Pearson Hardman’s treatment of their associates comes under fire, Louis meets his match trying to put it out. 

I had the chance to watch Suits Meet The New Boss Episode upfront, but don´t worry, I won´t spoil it. I´ll just put some of the best quotes from the episode, so you get more eager to watch it.

Suits S0203 – Meet the New Boss un-spoilers preview and best quotes

Mike: Hello, I have a big gun

Mike´s Grandma: Do it with a little authority. People would think I raised a little pussy

Mike´s Grandma: I live in a nursing house, not a prison

Mike´s Grandma: That´s what happen when you care about your job… you don´t give a rat´s ass on your grandma

Mike: I spent the night with my grandmother
Harvey: Is she hot?

Harvey: You are number two, and I answer to number one
Peardson: No matter who you answer to, you will learn to treat me with respect

Louis: I want you to convince that Harvard person that you shit rainbows

And that´s the first ten minutes of the episode, for the rest, you´ll need to watch the full episode.

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