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Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
demonstrable I watched all of the half-hour episodes but I didn't really like it as an hour-long show.
Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
vandrur I find it very disappointing, and not totally surprising that Brand X will have a new format. Russell Brand is very much against mainstream media and they way in which they love sensationalism, and dislike anything original. I loved the original format. I thought it was entertaining, funny, but also touched on very important issues and how society views them. It truly is a shame. I have a feeling I probably will not like the new Brand X, but I'll give it a try..
bob I would like to see more of Brand x but if they are gonna put Russel in a box and turn him into what he isn't they should just cancel him and get some lame talk show host and cancel them after 7 episodes