russell-brand-x-cancelled-renewed-fxOn the same day as FX announced the renewal of Louie, and hinted that Anger Management will get picked up for 90 more episodes, FX also renewed Brand X with Russel Brand for seven more episodes in season one backorder. But this renewal for Brand X sounds a bit strange, and as if the star of the show, Russell Brand himself is not that happy with the news, or, more than the news, the route the show will have to go after this extension, since it will go a more traditional Late Night Show style, with guests interviews in each episode.

“The show will look a little more like a conventional late-night show,” Brand explained. “We’ll have guests every week. One of the objectives will be to look comprehensively and optimistically at a less cynical approach to current affairs.” And he didn´t sound so excited about the conventional route.

He also said that one of the guests he´s expecting to show up at the show is Charlie Sheen. After seeing Brand´s interview with Metta World Peace I can see an entertaining Sheen interview; but I liked the show better before the interviews segments. Time will tell.

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