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Guillermo Paz onto movies
Guillermo Paz onto movies
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes, movies
Andrew Ward I will definitely watch, "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy." I'm trying to read as much information about the story as I can before watching though as I don't want to the movie to bias my opinion. Either way, I'm definitely excited to see the movie and to see Hayden Panetierre again.
Cindy Smith My 5 year old granddaughter is fun and witty. Here is a Facebook post between her and my oldest daughter, her aunt. Her: Where's Angel?...Me: Visiting his mommy...Her: His mommy?...Me: Yes he needs to spend time with his mommy just like you or myself has to spend time with our mommy...Her: Auntie who is your mommy?...Me: Well, Grandma Zona is my mommy and your mom's mommy...Her: No she's my Grandma Zona my mom is from Wyoming...Me: Well, I am from Wyoming too but I still have a mommy that made me. Where do you think you are from?...Her: I was made in China but I already took my tag off.