vampire-mob-web-series-reviewWith all my trip to LA, NY and San Francisco and tons of scheduling conflicts, I fell way behind in my web series reviewing duties.
Well, back on duty, now it´s time to check out one that always looked promising, called Vampire Mob, a web series that premiered June 30 last year, to a season one, but they have just premiered season two, and well, It´s time to catch up on after season two episode one of Vampire Mob.

Why did I say the series was promising?
Well, cast members include Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons), John Colella and Chris Mulkey (Boardwalk Empire), with Tony award actress Rae Allen (The Sopranos) joins season two.

The show starting line is something I´ve been studying for another project of mine and says: “We are all famous to a few people”.

John Colella shows the mob style chops in the first 40 seconds of the show with the line “I just fuckin´left”.

The show´s editing is good, the show´s acting´s good, the story´s good.
I have to say it really looks certainly way above average in terms of production.

I would say Vampire Mob is a must watch if you like Web Series, especially since it takes an hour to catch up all the episodes so far.

What, being honest, I have to say there´s a lot of room for improvement is in the sound department, especially in the music and sound effects.

But, as I said, in the end, very good web series to watch.

And remember, season two already started!

How to watch Vampire Mob?

Visit this link.

Vampire Mob Credits

An original comedy web series
Created, written & directed by Joe Wilson
Assistant director – John Vargas
Editor – Joe Wilson
Produced by Joe Wilson & John Colella

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