youre-cute-book-reviewThis is the fourth tear-out card from the Gifty Grab collection that Ulysses Press was kind enough to send me. And I have to say that while it is probably the most useful of the bunch, it is the one I liked the least… mostly because I´m all in favor of the face to face ice breaking. (But probably it´s just that me being not shy, and having my pet peeve against bad parking, it was expected to see the other one as my favorite).

I am not so sure how effective these card may be, but it could surely help those who tend to go mute in front of the girl they like, Raj-style. Maybe Online Dating is a more effective way to go, but hey, it´s a new approach too with a vintage twist, as it tries to recapture the passing notes system from highschool.

Definitely a good gift idea… but use with caution… there´s a fine line between a cute card and a stalky-ish over abundance of them.

You can learn more about the book in this link, including pricing, where to buy it and more.

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