encore-premieres-moby-dick-august-1“Moby Dick,” the on-screen adaption of Herman Melville’s novel features cast members including Academy Award® Winner William Hurt, Academy Award® Nominee Ethan Hawke, and Gillian Anderson. The “Moby Dick” mini-series premieres exclusively on ENCORE on August 1 at 8pm ET/PT.
“Moby Dick,” is an epic reimagining of the literary adventure classic.  The three hour mini-series will air over two evenings beginning on Monday, August 1 and concludes on Tuesday, August 2 at 8pm ET/PT.  “Moby Dick” stars Academy Award® winner William Hurt (The Accidental Tourist, Broadcast News) as the infamous Captain Ahab and Academy Award® nominee Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Gattaca) as his first mate Starbuck. They are joined by Gillian Anderson (“The X Files”) as Ahab’s wife Elizabeth, Donald Sutherland (“MASH”, Ordinary People) as Father Mapple, and Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto) as the fear-inspiring harpooner Queequeg. “Moby Dick” is an RHI production in participation with TELE MÜNCHEN and in cooperation with GATE FILMPRODUKTION.

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