reasons why twitter is better than men and womenI have a humour site in Spanish I often right jokes and humorous posts.
This week I did a piece I thought it was worth translating to English and put it here for you guys to check it out.

10 reasons why Twitter is better than men and women

First, reasons why Twitter is better than women

1- For Twitter, the shorter the better.

2- If your avatar picture shows you´re getting bigger or balder, Twitter still lets you “log in”.

3- It´s really easy to open and operate Twitter.

4- You can say any #threewordsaftersex you want and you won´t be in trouble.

5- If you don´t want to keep listening you can just shut out Twitter.

And reasons why Twitter is better than men

1- You can “follow” more than one and you won´t get a jealousy scene.

2- Twitter Bird “falls” usually, but that does not turn into a confidence crisis for Twitter.

3- Twitter listens to you and can follow several conversations and topics at the same time.

4- Twitter does not snor, throw gases or steal the blankets.

5-Twitter is not only thinking about sports.

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