101 Fun Personality Quizzes book review ulysses

101 Fun Personality Quizzes, the new book from Ulysses Press by Kourtney Jason

Doing Fun Personality Quizzes is all the rage in the Internet these days, Especially after the launch of the new Star Wars movie I found out I am more a Chewbacca than a Vader or that the Millenium Falcon is kind of my ship and that if I were a droid I would be R2D2 and not BB8. Well, in this book called 101 Fun Personality Quizzes, Kourtney Jason takes us on a journey of self discovery by making us choose from tons of options in order to see if we are the nerdy kind, or if we are gross, or which TV Mom should be ours.

Who is your celebrity soul mate? What city should you live in? How big a drama queen are you? Which Dinosaur best suits you?

Which Disney Princess Are You? How Mature Are You? What Classic Band Are You? Which TV Couple Are you? Which is your Rom-Com?

As you see, there are a lot of answers in this book for you to go through your trip to self awareness land. Are you ready to take it?

My advice is that this is a great gift for one of your friends, and a fun way to enjoy it is reading it in a group. And laugh a lot when one of the gang is called out as too messy, or when the one who thinks is Rachel ends up being Phoebe, or when you realize who is the biggest drama queen of all.

All in all a good gift idea as you can pick it from a bookstore and enjoy in a dinner table.

Book Info: Complete Title “101 Fun Personality Quizzes. Who are you… really?”
Author: Kourtney Jason
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-61243-481-0
208 Pages
You can get the book here.

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