jamie lee 10 things review trutvComedian Jamie Lee is headlining a new show on TruTV that is actually more of a Facebook Fanpage or a blog turned TV show hosted by a comedian.
Each episode a new countdown of ten things is presented. In the premiere: 10 things you won´t believe are real.
Following the lines of the heavy Internet produced shows like RIdiculousness, Tosh.0, Upload with Shaquille O´Neal, this one looks for those wuirky things you can find on the Internet. Problem with it is that Jamie Lee is so funny and hilarious when doing comedy, but on this one she seems a little too stiff and scripted.

Better part of the show is when she goes to the street and talk to people, as then she´s less scripted.
All in all a watchable show for a rerun in the middle of the night when you can´t sleep, but I wouldn´t watch it live, nor DVR it. An overused formulaic kind of show that you could very much mistake for one of the many shows around like Funniest something, or Cutest something else.

I really hope Jamie Lee finds her way on this show, or on a new vehicle as she is very funny, but the premiere did not show that.

Jamie Lee was named one of the “Top Five Comedians Who Should Be Movie Stars” by Nerve.com, and one of the “Top 18 Women You Should Be Following on Twitter” by The Huffington Post. This is certainly not the vehicle that will deliver her to megastardom though.

I hope the show gets better over time, and the scripts become more natural, else I don´t see much future for it. Let me know your thoughts if you´ve watched 10 Things on TruTV. you can also follow me on Twitter for more scoop and TV shows reviews and news.