Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson together in a new show: Angel From Hell. That´s a good sign. Jane Lynch back to being over the top first season of Glee style´s Sue Sylvester, that´s a second good sign. The supporting cast is solid, so there´s a third good sign.
If Jane Lynch plays a boozed up guardian angel and the protegee is Maggie Lawson, I´m already locked in the show… and for good reason. The pilot is funny and introduces the characters in a very smooth way.

angel from hell amy allison cbs review

David Denman, Kyle Bornheimer, Liza Lapira, Greg Cromer, Kevin Pollak, Ginger Gonzaga and Brando Cyrus round up the cast, and also gives the chance to reunite Lapira and Denman after shortlived Traffic Lights got cancelled.

“I´m Amy and honey I am your Guardian Angel”.
“We watch over souls, and yours is amazing”. Some of the lines when Amy is trying to convince Allison she is actually the Guardian Angel.

Kevin Pollak playing the dad and Amy both disliking Allison´s boyfriend is setting up for good fun in episodes to come. And something tells me the boyfriend is not “The One”.

The timing of Amy´s revealing herself to Allison has to do with her moving in with Evan. “I told you I am a wiz with the computer” is a great line from Amy´s.

Other good signs about the show: It´s good to see Liza Lapira´s character Jill moving away from her recent characters (Traffic Lights, Don´t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 or Super Fun Night).

Angel From Hell may prove the first time in a bunch that a show with Kyle Bornheimer gets renewed, and I look forward that happening.

Angel From Hell pilot has a passing grade and has us very optimistic about the rest of the season. It may be one of the good new shows we get to watch in 2016.

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