The Guardian did an excellent interview to Mitch Hurwitz about how to get a sitcom cancelled, based on his experience with Arrested Development, and the also ill fated Running Wilde.

As you can recall, Arrested Development had a pretty nice 53 episodes run and is slated to have a movie made soon enough. But, anyways, here are…

12 reasons a sitcom is cancelled. By Mitch Hurwitz

1- Have a confusing title
2- Audiences love fast cars and exciting vehicles
3- Try to do too much for a 20 minute programme
4- Add a sprinkle of incest
5- First impressions are everything
6- Don’t be afraid to give characters the same names
7- Make easy jokes about minority groups
8- Squander iconic guest stars
9- Don’t bother with a laughter track
10- Audiences like nicely dressed characters. They also enjoy nudity
11- Audiences like nicely dressed characters. They also enjoy nudity
12- Make a show for British sensibilities

So, what do you think about this list of 12 reasons a sitcom gets cancelled? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, and also add your own reasons for a sitcom to get cancelled.

And if you want t read the whole article visit The Guardian.

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