$#*! My Dad Says S01E17 – Lock and Load aired this week

Anyday of William Shatner on TV is simply a must watch. Even if it is in the form of a yet subpar sitcom as $#*! My Dad Says.
The show gets great one liners, and a huge William Shatner, but for now, that´s mostly about it. Cast surely could do much better because it has the chops. Perhaps that´s why I´m harsh to the show, I expect much more from it because I know it can deliver.

In this one, With a burglar on the loose in their neighborhood, Ed wants to use his prized gun for protection, but Rosemary shoots down the idea. Also, Vince and Bonnie look for some extra help during their trip to a fertility clinic.

Best Quotes and Oneliners from $#*! My Dad Says S01E17 Lock and Load

Ed: I have an alarm. Your room is next to the front door. I hear your girly scream and I´m up

Bonnie: In order to get pregnant we are going to try something new
Ed: The bouncing cowboy!

Ed: Speaking of excited tonight I´m going to make love to Rosemary

Rosemary: I just don´t believe in guns
Ed: That´s ridiculous! It´s right here, you can touch it
Rosemary: I know they exist

Ed: Do you even own a nighty?

Bonnie: Well, guns are dangerous
Ed: Not if you know how to use it. Every guy has a penis, not every girl has orgasms

Bonnie: Ed, do you wanna be right, or you wanna get laid?
Ed: That´s right, I´ve never been both

Vince: That´s rather ambitious, do I have to fill the whole thing?
Nurse: I hope not, that´s my ice coffee

Bonnie: That was fast even for you

Vince: Who do we know is available all day and know a lot of porn?
Henry: Go for the H dog

Rosemary: so you are basically saying that you got robbed because I´m not a slut?
Ed: Nnnnnyes

Rosemary: I´m not a slut and I don´t like guns
Ed: Then we have nothing in common

Ed: Guns don´t kill pornos, people kill pornos

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