Well, I never thought I was going to get so quickly to this milestone of 2000 articles, when this site started as a hobby. Well, it turns out to be now a great enjoyable job, a job that has introduced me to a great lot of people I work with.

Folks at Electric Artists, at New Media Strategies, at BLT & Associates, at Ferencomm, Web Series Creators, Network execs, PR People, Writers and many more in the industry; and of course all the ones reading these articles I do. Fortunately every day there´s more people joining.

Let´s take a little look at these two years in retrospective and what we accomplished:

  • The site is a quarter million monthly US hits site in the entertainment niche.
  • Most of our readers are from The US, Canada and the United Kingdom, but there´s a lot of other places visiting too.
  • Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Atlanta are the places where most people come from.
  • We got up to 820 comments in our most commented article. One about Hell´s Kitchen.
  • We have around 550 articles about spoilers, previews, trailers and teasers.
  • We reviewed over 230 cancelled and renewed shows
  • These are the most mentioned shows over the course of these 2000 articles:
    1. House MD
    2. Lost
    3. Heroes
    4. Grey´s Anatomy
    5. How I Met YourMother
    6. Chuck
    7. 30 Rock
    8. True Blood
    9. Burn Notice
    10. Dexter
  • We had three contests and giveaways and are planning for a lot more this year.
  • We had several Interviews with Executives and Actors and Actresses, and intend on expanding that area.
  • We want to reach the half a million monthly visitors soon.
  • We are preparing to do our first Web Documentary. You can read more in our Balance and Plans.

I wanted to share this with all of you. I raise my glass… for many many more articles!

Nothing of this could have been done without Dayana. Alma mater of this blog, and my heart.

Also without the aid of Martin. The ever helpful techie everybody should have close.