jim-carrey-inside-actors-studioIf you invite someone over and comes 17 years later, it may very well be worth it, right? Well… how about inviting Jim Carrey to discuss his long and succesful acting career?  Well… that I would wait.

On the Monday, January 8th edition of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” (airing 8pm ET/PT), host James Lipton sits down for a chat with Golden Globe-winner, Jim Carrey after a 17 year long invitation. Lipton dissects Carrey’s colossal career, divulging some intimate aspects of his life goals and acting relationships including what Dustin Hoffman called “one of the realest relationships he had ever seen in a movie” between Jeff Daniels and Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, his admiration and love for his co-star Ewan McGregor in his most recent hitI Love You, Phillip Morris and the 10 million dollar check he wrote himself to motivate him in a time of personal and professional struggle.

Best Quotes from Jim Carrey at Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo

On Dumb and Dumber:

James Lipton- You and Jeff Daniels were a great team. Tell me about working with him.

Jim Carrey- Jeff was an essential part of that movie. He made that movie work because he gave it credibility. I read with a lot of comedians and what I found was with the comedians, they were trying to score rather than trying to connect.

JL- Right.

JC- Rather than trying to actually listen and see the other person and when Jeff came in, of course it was Jeff Daniels. I mean he’s amazing and he was alive, and a real person, and Dustin Hoffman actually called me after the movie came out and said that it was one of the realest relationships, friend relationships…

JL- Right.

JC- He had ever seen in a movie.

On I Love You, Phillip Morris:

JL- At the heart of the film, and I use the word heart advisedly, is a love story. Who plays your love interest?

JC- Ewan McGregor, who is wonderful.

JL- He is.

JC- Amazing, again, another actor who, when he signed on to do the film I went, ‘Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I can, I can feel good about the authenticity of this relationship.’

JL- Here is a scene in which the two men meet fatefully in the prison library.


JL- Since this was an unusual cinematic experience how did you and Ewan approach it? Did you discuss it?

JC- I think it wasn’t so much of a spoken decision, as just a decision as two people who respect each other.

JL- Yeah.

JC- To turn that, to make that the basis of love. It’s really based on respect and can I find a person to love in there? Absolutely.

JL- I understand the two of you set out together to research the gay aspect of the film.  Where did it take you? Didn’t you go to bars in Miami?

JC- We hit Miami and like GAY CLUBS!

JL- Yeah.

JC- We went into this one club, and Ewan walked in there and he went, ‘You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get my earring- I’m gonna get my ear pierced cause I saw a piercing place and tattoo place down the road. I’m gonna go do that’ and I remember just being like, ‘YEAH! METHOD! ALRIGHT!’ He came back like fifteen minutes later and said, ‘WHAT DO YA THINK?!,’ like that and the whole bar turned to him and went, ‘IT’S THE WRONG SIDE!’ He got the wrong side pierced and had to go back and get it [the other side] pierced.

On writing a 10 million dollar check to himself:

JL- When you were struggling personally and professionally, did you write yourself a check?

JC- Yeah, I made myself my check which was just basically you know, 10 million dollars to Jim Carrey for acting services rendered, dated Thanksgiving 1995, and that was uh, 1990. I gave myself five years to be one of the most successful working actors, to be given the best material, and the best scripts- things that people would never expect in a million years that I could do.

JL- What did you do with the check finally?

JC- I put the check in my fathers pocket in his casket because it was his dream too and he followed me the whole time and it was kind of a completion of all that. He saw The Mask, he saw what was happening to me, and I felt like it was ya know, it was his as well- so I’d give it to him.

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