This is a guest post written by Eric Halberg

Medical shows are very popular these days on TV, even among those who do not work in the medical field. From E.R. To Grey’s Anatomy, these shows have been high in the ratings for a long time now and show no signs of stopping. Below are three good options to watch wether on air or catch up on Netflix, Hulu or DVD.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy follows the fictional lives of both surgical interns and residents on their journey to become full fledged doctors, as well as the everyday struggles they encounter in their personal lives along the way. The show primarily follows Dr. Meredith Grey, (Played by Ellen Pompeo), as she is accepted into the residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital. The show is well known for its radical casting techniques, as they do not take previous acting experience or physical looks into account when casting a new member for the show. This has lead to many new actors getting their start on the show. Grey’s Anatomy is currently the highest rated drama show on TV, and often appears on numerous critics’ top ten lists.

The Mob Doctor (FOX)

The Mob Doctor (Based on the popular book II Dottore: The Double Life Of A Mafia Doctor by Ron Ron Felber) showcases the adventures of Dr. Grace Devlin, (Jordana Spiro), a surgical resident leading a double life. The show follows her as she struggles to perform well doing her duties at the hospital, as well as trying to help protect her brother from the mob. By doing various on demand jobs for the mob when they need her, she hopes to pay off her brother’s debts to them and save his life in the process. While not a smash hit with the critics, The Mob Doctor is currently one of the most watched shows on television.

House M.D. (FOX)

While no longer in production, House M.D. remains as one of the most watched medical dramas on television. The show follows the misadventures of Doctor Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) as he and his team of diagnosticians try to solve the toughest medical mysteries around at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. Known for his rough and over the top style, Dr. House also encounters just as many problems in his personal life as he does in the surgical bay. Over the shows eight seasons, it was beloved by both fans and critics alike, winning numerous awards during the time it was on the air. Even now that the show has ended, the reruns continue to allure fans and bring in top ratings for the FOX network.

While these are only three, there are many others from today and the past that are receiving great viewership. In order to make sure that you can see these shows yourself, you need to have a cable package that includes the channels they are on. The best way to do that is to shop around online for a cable package comparison at

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