Psych - Season 7This week a new episode of Psych aired, episode 99, building up towards next week´s 100th episode called 100 Clues, as a homage to eighties flick Clues. But this one, episode 99 was called No Country For Two Old Men, in which Shawn attempts to bond with Juliet’s stepfather Lloyd, a seemingly harmless accountant. 

And as usual, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from the episode.

Let´s check it out.

BEST QUOTES AND POP REFERENCES FROM PSYCH S07E04 no country for two old men

Shawn: Gus don´t be the remake of Yours, Mine and Ours. While I am at it, don´t be the original either.

The Psych theme song was in Spanish! Well, sort of.

Gus: I wish she had more kids. I wish we were the black Von Trapps

Gus: I don´t want to be the Black Von Trapps, I want to be I am Legend.
Shawn: You want to be the only man left in a post acopalytic world?

Lassiter: Let´s go squirrelface, Crime is Money

Lloyd: Henry and I are here to pick up some of your Coca Cola. Yours tastes better, I don´t know what it is.

Henry: I never say no to disco.

Shawn: Who does he remind you of?
Jules: Erik Estrada?
Shawn: No, the mexican version of Lassiter

Shawn: Mexican Lassie, way better than American Lassie, not unlike Coca Cola.

Gus: Vaya con Dios Mexican Lassie
Lamas: Stop calling me that.

Lloyd: Could you pass me a Coke Zero?

NICKNAMES ON PSYCH S07E04 no country for two old men

Shawn: Shawn Spencer, Psychic, “El Psíquico” – Diablo

Henry: The Bald One

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