30-rock-quotes-spoilers-recap-Operation-Righteous-Cowboy-LightningTina Fey owns Hollywood right now… she´s in the top of the world… and that has a lot to do with 30 Rock. One of the funniest sitcoms nowadays. In this episode of 30 Rock Tracy has a reality TV crew following him around which Liz tries to use to her advantage, while Jack attempts to make a profit by pre-recording natural disaster telethons. Lutz lies to the writers to make him more valuable in the event of an apocalypse.

Best Quotes from 30 Rock S05E12 – Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

Liz: Tracy we´ve been playing this game for five years now. When is it gonna stop?
Tracy: I don´t know

Tracy: Every crazy A List owns an island: Nicholas Cage, Celine Dion, Charles Widmore

Liz: Oh God Lutz why?
Lutz: What? I don´t want tush lines

Liz: You are going to pre tape a benefit for a disaster that hasn´t happened yet. That´s bad karma

Kenneth: Right before the arc leaves I´m supposed to castrate reverend Gary

Liz: Love you!
Tracy: Love you more

Robert DeNiro: When the birds first started attacking us we all thought it was pretty funny and started doing Hitchcock jokes, but now we don´t anymore because laughter excites birds sexually

Tracy: Liz Lemmon is a hoe oh oh

Liz: Crazy is the only language that Tracy is fluent in
Jack: Yes, but you´ll never outcrazy Tracy

Liz: Actors are not people

Lutz: I don´t really have a car

Tracy: Yes 2Pac is alive and I bet you´d want to use that in your show

Liz: In my alterntate reality Dennis dies and I win the lottery

Jack: Jonathan come in. Fantastic news: There´s been a natural disaster

Liz: I know it´s fake but damned I miss it
Tracy: I knew I´d get that boob squeezed

Jack: It was our highest rating since that episode of SVU where the detectives watched American Idol

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