shit-my-dad-says-best-quotes-one-liners-ed-goes-to-court$#*! My Dad Says S01E15 – Ed Goes To Court aired this week

Anyday of William Shatner on TV is simply a must watch. Even if it is in the form of a yet subpar sitcom as $#*! My Dad Says.
The show gets great one liners, and a huge William Shatner, but for now, that´s mostly about it. Cast surely could do much better because it has the chops. Perhaps that´s why I´m harsh to the show, I expect much more from it because I know it can deliver.

In this one, Ed wants to put the brakes on his pursuit of Rosemary after she says she would like to be romanced. Also, Vince and Henry have a “‘Stache-Off” to see who can grow a mustache faster.

Best Quotes and Oneliners from $#*! My Dad Says S01E15 Ed Goes to Court

Ed: God, What the hell happened to Paula Abdul. She looks terrible.
Henry: Dad, that´s Steven Tyler
Ed: Oh he looks good

Ed: Oh my God, what happened to Oprah? She looks terrible
Bonnie: That´s Randy Jackson
Ed: Oh he looks good

Henry: I bet I can grow a more killer mustache than you
Vince: Care to make it interesting?
Ed: Please, someone make it interesting

Henry: Holy Super Mario

Henry: Dad, we need you to judge us
Ed: Ok, you are both disappointments

Ed: We are neighbors, so there´s a little walk of shame home

Ed: You are a woman, right?
Bonnie: Well, if I´m not I´m wasting a lot of money in the gynecologist

Ed: I just want someone to be the Irving to my Ting Ting

Bonnie: If she did like you for who you are, would you trust her judgement?
Ed: You make a valid point

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