fairly-legal-spoilers-quotes-priceless-usaFolks at USA Network, as I usually call them; the can´t miss network are launching a new original series to join their roster of must watch: Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Last week the show premiered and now it aired episode two called Priceless (and it holds up to its name).

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In this episode, Kate’s latest mediation case involves the State of California and Steve Jenks who was wrongfully convicted and spent twenty-two years in prison. Kate’s object is to help them reach a settlement by putting a price on the years Steve lost in prison.

Aren´t you already in love with Sarah Shahi and/or Kate? Give it a couple more episodes then… maybe you are a little behind me in the loving Sarah Shahi thing (It helped that I got to talk to her for the interview)

Best Quotes from Fairly Legal S01E02 Priceless

Kate: I´m looking at this as an opportunity for a fresh start

Kate: Coffee? Look at you… no

Andrew: I´ll be here

Spencer: And he knew you´d never do it
Kate: Yeah, you´re right

Lauren: Even if you didn´t take my stapler you didn´t prevent it to be taken, Raymond

Lauren: I fired Raymond
Leo: Lucky lucky man

Kate: Now you wanna kill each other for what? Coffee?

Kate: Bananas are great

Lauren: Her time is not more valuable than mine… in fact it´s woth lot less

Leo: You´ve never been to my house
Kate: Exactly

Kate: Don´t eat my cookie. I will be there
Leo: I know… you are not

Justin: That´s you, you always make it personal
Kate: And you always hide behind the system

Lauren: Stop being such a child and show up for the reading of your father´s will

Justin: Are you kidding me? So now you play criminal? You don´t seem to be good at it

Justin: You are free to go, but your buddy next door, he´s not

Lauren: I asked your client if he wants to lie on record

Lauren: Congratulations, you are not a liar, you are just screwed

Justin: It´s a tragedy, I understand, I´m sorry

Kate: I can´t talk right now
Justin: Too bad, I was going to tell you I was wrong

Justin: Are we ok?
Kate: We are us
Justin: That´s good, right?

Spencer: Who the hell is David Smith?

So, what do you think about Fairly Legal Priceless? Will you watch Fairly Legal Thursdays 10/9 C on USA? If you like good procedural shows with a twist… you should.

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