30-rock-spoilers-quotes-queen-of-jordanOh how I miss you 30 Rock when there´s no episode… luckily, last night there was one, and a very funny one I might add.

In an episode called Queen of Jordan where Jack puts Liz in charge of an event for Angie in the hopes that she can emotionally manipulate Angie into making an appeal to Tracy. The “Queen of Jordan” cameras bring Jack some embarrassment while leaving Jenna starved for attention. A lost love returns to Frank’s life, causing him to question his maturity.

Best Quotes from 30 Rock S05E17 – Queen of Jordan

Angie: Who the Bleep are The Beatles?

Queen of Jordan Title: Liz, Another Person

Angie: Are you giving me orders? Am I the waitress? Is this the restaurant I´m opening with Dennis Rodman and Webster?

Liz: I told you not to buy that website domain. Say it out loud
Jenna: Jennaside, Jennaside… I´m not hearing it (genocide)

Queen of Jordan Title: Pete, Powerless Bald

Pete: What happened to Frank is awesome. Standing ovation.

Angie: I need to look perfect for my release party, and I refuse to wear anything of my size or appropriate to my age

Jack: Media waits for your mistake. It happened to Hitler. No one talks about his paintings

Jack: I am not gonna be portrayed as some buffoon. I am graceful. I was an athlete at Princeton

Jack: Your shirt is tucked into your underwear

Angie: Don´t do impressions of other races

D´Fwan: I´m not only a gay hairdresser… I´m also a homosexual party planner

Queen of Jordan Title: Jack, Tracy´s Gay Boss

Frank: They kept remaking The Hulk and it keeps getting worse

Frank: I can´t take you to my house. My mom is there, and she still wants you to rot in hell

Angie: There´s more where this came from. I´m contractually obligated to pull out some bitch´s weave eight more times this season
Liz: It´s not a weave

Frank: It´s one of the benefits to be in love with a sex offender

Frank: Skeletor is not my favourite. You are

Jack: Mmhhmm indeed D´Fwan

Jack: You people should be ashamed of yourselves

Frank: I miss my weird love but he´s not coming back

Jack: I challenge you to a bleep dance challenge

Jenna; You will never find me Jack

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