Ok, everybody knows Jay Leno is quite a crazy dude, right? Well, he proved it again by breaking the upmost strange world record: for most Leprechauns in one room!

Yes, It´s some sort of a Saint Patrick´s Day Extravaganza, and it is certainly hilarious, and it also appears to be something that not only Jay Leno is interested in. Folks at Irish Central posted about another attempt to a Guiness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Leprechaunsm for the Leprechaun gathering in the town of Ardee to raise funds for St Luke’s Hospital in Dublin.

“We need to get in touch with our inner leprechaun and in these times anything that makes people smile is good,” Carol Ward (one of the organizers) told the Irish Independent newspaper.

So… two Guinness records for Leprechaunery in one day? What a Saint Patrick´s Day indeed!

I have no video of the Guinness world record for Leprechauns in Ardee, but I do have the Jay Leno´s Leprechaun record video.

Video: Jay Leno´s Guinness world record for most Leprechauns in one room

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