The end is near. Not for The Office, since it got renewed for a season eight. The first one without Steve Carell. But it´s the end for Michael in The Office, Steve Carell will be out for more adventures outside of NBC´s hit sitcom; but will he do it lightly? Of course not. He will go out with a bang.

That´s why Michael is proposing to Holly on the season finale of The Office, and I here have for you the preview spoiler video of Michael’s proposal to Holly in The Office season finale.

The Office season finale Spoiler: Michael proposes to Holly – Spoiler Video

In addition to that, we also need other ways to grieve the departure of Michael Scott from The Office, that´s why folks at NBC prepared two sites to check.

The Goodbye Michael Scott site, which includes some of our favorite moments and memories with video, photos and more.  Content will update each week and fans can also submit their own farewell videos; and the UGC “Say Farewell” area. It´s not easy to say goodbye to a character that made us laugh for seven years, but it´s time.

How would you say goodbye to Michael Scott? What did you think about Michael proposing to Holly in The Office video? Let me know.

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