666-Park-Avenue-Logo-videos-previewOne of the interesting new shows from this fall season is 666 Park Avenue, which airs Sundays, at 10/9c. This new drama stars Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Soul Food) as Olivia Doran, Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Millennium, Hawaii Five-O, Alias, Jag) as Gavin Doran, Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels, Grey’s Anatomy, Transformers) as Jane Van Veen, and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters, Reunion) as Harry Martin to name just a few.

What would you do to have everything you desire? Step inside 666 Park Avenue, New York’s most seductive address. We all have some burning needs, desires and ambitions. For the residents of The Drake, the premier apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, these will all be met – for a price – courtesy of the building’s mysterious owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn). But be careful what you wish for, because the price you have to pay is your soul.

Check out some of 666 Park Avenue Extras, videos and teasers

Mysteries of the Drake

• Chronicle of Jane’s investigation into the history of the Drake, including historical documents, old newspaper clippings and easter eggs

Explore The Drake

• Step-by-step, floor-by-floor, visitors will unlock ominous clues to the dark secrets of Gavin Doran and The Drake itself

• Unlock more content with more social media interactions

– About Town with Gavin and Olivia- http://bit.ly/AboutTownFS

• Fake news coverage of NY society events that Gavin and Olivia attend

Meet the Residents

• A weekly overview of the story of the week/the new residents of the Drake as they move in and/or present themselves in the story.

• Key members of the crew record video messages to their friends and family back home

Nona’s Stash

• Gallery of the items that Nona has pilfered from Drake residents, shedding light on her powers

– The Sasha Files

• A dossier or case file on the mysterious death of Gavin and Olivia’s daughter, which can be expanded the more we find out about her

• Document Sasha’s attempts to mess with Gavin

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