reasons-watch-partners-cbsCBS launched this fall a new comedy called partners in which two lifelong friends, both architecrs, form a firm together. They are inseparable; they know everything about each other.

The cast is a very interesting ensemble conformed by David Krumholtz as Joe and Michael Urie as Louis. Sophia Bush plays Joe´s fianceé and Brandon Routh plays Louis´ boyfriend.
The show is one of the funniest new shows, so now I am gonna list some reasons to watch Partners.

Five Reasons to watch Partners

  1. The Chemistry between Louis and Joe: Michael Urie and David Krumholtz play perfectly the roles of best friends. If the show´s a keeper, they will probably join the list of best TV Bromances.
  2. The chemistry between Louis and Joe´s fianceé: In the second episode of the show, Ali, Joe´s fianceé explains it best. They are four, but there are three couples there. The love/hate relationship between them is funny as hell.
  3. Sexual Orientation: One of them is straight, one of them is gay. But that´s not what everything is about. They are two friends, and it doesn´t matter who they like to sleep with (as should be). The show does not take cheap humorous shots at the sexual orientation of the characters.
  4. The creators: It´s from the pen of David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the same twosome that created Will & Grace. They are bringing now another good show about best friends.
  5. The supporting cast: Brandon Routh character is one of a kind, and Joe and Louis´ assistant RoRo is what rounds out a great ensemble.

In summary, Partners is a great funny show and you should definitely give it a try.
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