best-quotes-maggie-lawson-back-gameIt is somewhat bittersweet, as I liked this show. Not loved it, but liked it. It was a quirky funny show with good characters and a nice premise; so I wouldn´t have minded if the show was extended. But where it gets better is that now Maggie Lawson may be free from her contract for more Psych on USA. So that puts things in a different perspective. If the fact that ABC cancelled Back in the Game a good opportunity with good timing for Psych? Hopefully!

The decision though, can be a head scratcher as this is not by any means the lowest rated of the four ABC comedies for which the network made a decision today, and also, the only one to get cancelled. But it has better ratings than Super Fun Night and Trophy Wife and they both got full season pickups. So why?

Well, here´s the thing: The Goldbergs was a sure thing, as it keeps growing and is a solid bet for a second season pickup later on. The fact that Trophy Wife, the lowest rated of all four show is extended is due to the fact that it is owned by ABC Studios, so it costs less and brings revenues if extended. But, thing is trickier when compared to Super Fun Night. The show is lower rated and is less funny. But it has Rebel Wilson; someone who ABC wants in. And that´s why Back in the Game is the odd man out, and that´s why Back in the Game gets cancelled. But, the show will complete its thirteen episodes run and won´t get pulled.

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