natalie portman in gravity filmNatalie Portman is coming from an acclaimed film like Black Swan, and now Natalie Portman in Garvity Film, does not sound so far fetched.

Why? Since Angelina Jolie turned down the lead role in Gravity last week, speculation that they offered rhe oead to have Natalie Portman in Gravity film, instead.

“Gravity,” to be directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the same Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director,  is a 3D space film about the leader of a team posted at a remote space station. While he and a female colleague are traveling outside the space station, the other team members are decimated by debris from an exploded satellite.

Natalie Portman in Gravity film sure sounds like a great fit, since she already played lead in one big big Sci-fi trilogy as princess /queen Amidala in Star Wars Episodes I to III.

What do you think about Natalie Portman in Gravity film as the leading lady?

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