How I Met Your Mother Spoiler: Is Jennifer Morrison the

Update: It is confirmed, Jennifer Morrison is joining How I Met Your Mother. We are not sure yet, since Craig Thomas, A.K.A. Executive Producer did not declare about that.

Well, since last reports Jennifer Morrison is among a handful of actresses who could land a major role in the new season of How I Met Your Mother. Which is this major role about? Well, she will appear in at least 13 episodes this season on HIMYM.

The role description for the possible arrival of Jennifer Morrison on How I Met Your Mother is a quick-witted, rabble-rousing activist who initially clashes with Ted over the planned demolition of a historic New York hotel.

The other two actresses in the hunt for the major role in HIMYM are Jacinda Barrett and Minka Kelly.

But is this character going to turn out to be the mother? We don´t know that yet, but we can start speculation since 13 episodes is not at all a little tole.

What do you think? Should Jennifer Morrison be the mother in How I Met Your Mother? Or are you as I am, hoping and praying that Felicia Day turns out to be the mother in How I Met Your Mother?

Head to the comments and let me know your opinion on this How I Met Your Mother spoiler. Who should be the mother? Is Jennifer Morrison joining HIMYM good news?

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