adam-lambert openly gay confirmation by Kara DioGuardiJust read it at Perez Hilton.

The openly gay second-place winner on American Idol has just be outed publicly by a judge on the show. And it wasn’t Paula Abdul!

The judge who may not be back next season, Kara DioGuardi, did a taped interview for The View which will air this Friday.

And, during the segment, Barbara Walters asked DioGuardi if she thought his “perceived sexuality” might have influenced the audience to vote for Kris Allen.

To which DioGuardi responded, “Well, first of all, I hope not … because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry and they both [Lambert and Allen] had that. I don’t think that Adam [Lambert] was ever in [the closet]. I think he was always openly out.”

Was he openly out? He’s never confirmed it, despite many photographs revealing him kissing guys. And he’s also REPEATEDLY refused to answer the question directly, when asked over the last week and a half if he is gay or not.

During a recent interview, he LAMEbert told to interviewer that he likes to have everyone “keep speculating.”

When Walters reaffirms that it wasn’t the public’s perception that Lambert was openly gay, DioGuardi continued, “I think he was. I mean from what I’ve seen … I do. I never thought he wasn’t.”

So… is that enough confirmation that Adam Lambert is gay? Or you want to check out who Adam Lambert is dating?