alcatraz-map-locations-storylineAs I already told you about my new endeavor of creating maps for shows, it´s time to do one of the new hit shows: Alcatraz.

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What is in this Alcatraz Locations Map?
The complete list of Alcatraz cases and some of the locations where filming occurred. In some cases in this map there´s only a city marked because that´s all the info we got from watching the episodes, in other cases, we go so deep we get the exact address.

The map is embedded here, and you can see the Red markers are Filming Locations featured in Alcatraz (mainly in Vancouver), while green markers are for storyline locations. (Can be Filming Locations at the same time, such as Alcatraz Island)
Please help me in keeping it updated. Point me out in the comments if I´m missing some place, if there´s a new one to add, or anything or, help me edit the map itself.

Here´s the full list of references so you can search the one you are most interested in:

alcatraz locations Map References

1- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
City were most filming locations for Alcatraz are

2- Alcatraz Island / Prison
Where the story begins. At The Alcatraz Prison.

3- Terminal City Iron Works
Alcatraz Pilot: S01E01
Rooftop where Rebecca and her partner are chasing a suspect,and her partner falls to death.

4- Playland Amusement Park
Alcatraz S01E02
Amusement Park where Ernest Cobb shoots three people

5- USP Leavenworth
Alcatraz S01E01
Prison where Jack Sylvane was held until transferred to Alcatraz for killing a guard

6- The Blarney Stone
Alcatraz S01E01
Ray´s Bar, where Rebecca visits Ray

7- Private House
Alcatraz S01E01 Pilot
Where Jack  Sylvane kills a man and steals a key from the man’s safe.

8- Vancouver Film School
Alcatraz S01E02
Telegraph Hill Building
Building that Emerson investigates while searching for Ernest Cobb

9- Stockton Street Tunnel
Alcatraz Pilot S01E01
Rebecca chases Jack Sylvane from Barclay Flynn’s to here before losing him

10- Dominion Building
Alcatraz S01E02
Telegraph Building
Rebecca searches this building’s rooftop and locates Ernest Cobb before he can kill again.
This building was also filmed on Vancouver Film School

11- Victory Square
Alcatraz S01E02
Telegraph Hill Square
Rebecca and Emerson track Ernest Cobb to two buildings around Victory Square and this is where he is targeting his victims

12- San Francisco Skyline
Alcatraz S01E02
What Ernest Cobb saw from the prison

13- San Quentin Prison
Alcatraz Pilot S01E01
Prison where Jack Sylvane was supposedly transferred

14- Walnut Creek
Alcatraz S01E03
The place where Kit Nelson enters two boys room to kidnap one of them

15- Lafayette Recreation Area
Alcatraz S01E03
Where Kit Nelson went fishing wth his kidnapping victim Dylan

16- Moderne Burguer
Hillcrest Diner – Diner where Diego tracks Kit Nelson and his victim

17- Credit Unions of BC
Colonial Liberty Bank – First bank Cal Sweeney robs

18- New Town Bakery & Restaurant
Dim Sum Restaurant – Restaurant where Rebecca and Diego eat Dim Sum in S01E04

19- San Francisco Street
Intersection where Rebecca manages to slip away from Diego S01E04

20- San Francisco Street
Rebecca turns this corner and crashes the police car into another car to knock out Cal Sweeney

21- Daly City
Where Tommy Madsen and Ray Archer grew up
The address of the actual house is non existent though.

What do you think about this map for Alcatraz Locations? Let me know in the comments section, and ask away for other shows you want me to work on.

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