As tonight American Idol Season 8 Top Ten is revelead, we find out that there are only a few girls in it.
Alexis Grace was voted out of American Idol and the judges didn´t save her.
So… she´s already planning her next career move, since she´s not touring with the Top Ten of 2009 American Idol

Richard Rushfield and Denise Martin interviewed Alexis Grace and this is what she said:

Alexis Grace Interview about her career and future

How are you feeling after last night’s events?
Last night was pretty bad. I was really upset. I wanted to go on tour and I had set a goal of making it into the Top 10. I didn’t accomplish that goal. But, you know, I tell myself that you just have to make it better next time. You have to push yourself to get better, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Were you surprised to be eliminated? That the judges thought your performance was off?
I don’t think my performance on Tuesday was off off. I just think it wasn’t outstanding enough.

It’s a tough year, that’s for sure.
It’s a tough year, everybody’s really good, everybody’s different and has their own thing. I think viewers were so used to me being a belter, and I came out and did “Jolene” like that and it was like, “‘Huh?” I think I confused voters.

Do you think it’s more tough being a girl on “American Idol”?
No, I don’t think they’re prejudiced. It might be a little harder, but my thing is that if you’re really good, you’ll get the votes.

How was the big goodbye dinner last night?
There was no dinner. They had a really busy schedule this week. They weren’t able to do it for me. So I went back to the mansion and packed up all my stuff. I had like 30 pairs of shoes I had to pack. I sat with Megan [Joy] and we had girl talk and then we said good night. I stayed there and left this morning.

How has the media onslaught been?
I’ve only gotten a little taste of it, doing junkets and interviews. Now I’m about to do a full-blown cross-country press thing, and I’m so grateful to be able to, so people don’t forget my face or who I am. I’m also excited to get to sing again. Not just “Jolene,” but other stuff. I definitely want to sing a song with soul or something I could belt out. Remind people this is who I am — ha-ha. Naw, I just want to go out there and have fun and do what it is I do.

Have you thought about how you want to shape your post-“Idol” career?
Totally. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I was telling a friend earlier it really sucks that I didn’t get to make it on the tour, but on the other hand now I get to sit and really think about what I want to do after this amazing opportunity. I have a foot in the door, people know who I am, that I can sing. A couple of months ago people didn’t know who I was. Now, I can travel and and sing. I can’t wait to work hard at it and keep trying.

Is that your dream? To have a life singing?
Yeah, and I definitely think I can make it happen. I need to work hard at it and believe in myself. Not only do I want to sing, I like the whole entertainment business, acting and theater — I do that too. After this show, you can do anything. The show is really a learning experience.

Did you ever wonder how viewers were perceiving you? Did you read anything about the show while you were on it?
I didn’t read a whole lot. I read a couple of things but I didn’t see a whole lot about me. The stuff I did see was good. I did wonder if people got me as a soul singer.

How did you feel about the judges deciding not to save you?
I mean, obviously, it was disappointing. It sucked. But things like that happen all the time. It was only a matter of time I went home another time. But it happened for a reason. It was a blessing in disguise. There’s something else out there for me.