alicia-keys-katie-couric-interviewOn today’s edition of the nationally-syndicated talk show, KATIE, (check local listings, host Katie Couric sits down with Grammy Award-winning R&B singer/songwriter, Alicia Keys. The native New Yorker talks to Katie about her earliest days sitting down at a keyboard, her marriage to fellow musician Swizz Beatz, and how her son, Egypt, is already following in the footsteps of his musical parents! Asked about her relationship with husband recording artist and producer Swizz Beatz, she says:


But things aren’t all talk: Keys lets Katie sample the workout that was responsible for getting her back in shape post baby and treats the audience to performances of “Girl on Fire” and “Brand New Day”.

Keys even shares her piano bench for a little “Heart and Soul” duet with Katie!

Alicia Keys on why it’s nice to be married to someone in the music business

KC: What do you call him? Do you call him like Swiss baby, Swiss-meister, Swissmas? What do you call him, seriously?

AK: Well his friends call him Swizzy, but I call him Kasseem, that’s his born name, so I call him Kasseem.

KC: Yeah! And that’s going well?

AK: Yeah, aww so…

KC: Must be nice to be with somebody in the music industry who really understands what you do. Obviously I think anyone would appreciate what you do but it must be nice to have that connection.


AK: It’s true. I mean, we’ve both been in the industry since we were 17 and 18 years old. We really have a true understanding of what it takes and the time of hours it takes. It’s very strange hours that you are working all the time, obviously a lot of traveling, a lot of movement, so it’s true, [it’s nice]to have somebody that really understands the business that I’m in and supports me, to fly and be better and be greater and try new things.

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