Basketball-map-olympics-all-time-winners-medalsWith the Olympics frenzy in full motion, it´s time to add to that frenzy with additions of my own.

The Ultimate Olympics Maps collection, for you to check out who are the historic winners of all sports in the Olympics. Sport by Sport.

And since I am going in alphabetical order, now it´s time for Basketball!


And this one is very dear to my heart, since I am not only a huge basketball fan, but also Argentinian, and therefore a big rabid fan of the “Golden Generation” led by Ginobili, Scola, Delfino, Nocioni and the rest of that superb team that broguth back the gold medal in a historic Athens Olympic run in 2004. Only Olympic team champion alongside United States of America (among countries that are still represented as such, after the secessions in the USSR -3 in women´s basketball 2 in men´s – and Yugoslavia).

Now, to the map. United States of America leads the ranking with a total of 24 medals.

Tip: Do a mouseover the markers on the map to see more info about the winners of Olympic Medals for Basketball in History.

And the list is as follows on the references to the Ultimate Olympics Basketball Map:

1- United States
2- USSR (Note, on all countries that no longer exist as such, I placed the marker on its former capital)
3- Yugoslavia
4- Argentina
5- Brazil
6- Australia
7- Lithuania
8- France
9- Italy
10- Spain
11- Bulgaria
12- China
13- Uruguay
14- Canada
15- Croatia
16- South Korea
17- Russia
18- Cuba
19- Mexico

This map will be updated to reflect who are the winners of 2012 London Olympics for Basketball. You can also check here the Olympics All Time Winners Map for the rest of the Olympic Sports to see your favourite one.

What do you think of this Map for the All Time Olympic Winners in Basketball History. Let me know in the comments section, and also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more 2012 London Olympics Maps.