all-you-can-meat-premieres-travel-channelThis Labor Day weekend Travel Channel is premiering Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Final Tour, but it´s also launching another show: All You Can Meat, which premieres September 2nd at 9PM.

Chuey Martinez is on the hunt to find the finest steaks in America, from a Santa Maria style barbeque tri-tip in Southern California to a shockingly delicious smoked prime rib in Kansas City.
What is All You Can Meat about? Synopsis

On “All You Can Meat,” meat, in all its glorious forms, becomes the way in to an America that is quirky, colorful and downright delicious. Host and meat enthusiast Chuey Martinez travels across the country to find the most authentic preparations of the classic cuts: steak, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, etc. From the Texas pit master to the woodsman in Appalachia curing jerky in his shack, Martinez quickly learns that great American characters make great eats and there is much to be learned about a region by how they prepare their meat. Martinez also discovers that roasted meat taps into deep emotions and has the ability to bring people together. This series will take viewers to some amazing corners of the country – places they can go themselves to discover these mouth-watering meat recipes.

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