perception-tnt-best-quotesEric Mc Cormack, the same guy from Will & Grace and Rachel Leigh Cook, the first love of Shawn Spencer on Psych are headlining a new TNT show in which Dr. Daniel Pierce (Mc Cormack) is an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex criminal cases.

After a few episodes have aired, and the show already renewed for a second season, it´s time to check some of its best quotes.

Best Quotes from Perception

Doctor Daniel Pierce: Reality is one figment of our imagination

Doctor Daniel Pierce: Discussing your paper is obviously code for sex

Kate Moretti: He´s not a nutjob, he literally wrote the book on forensic neuropsychiatry; four of them actually.

Kate Moretti: Ok, he´s a little eccentric.

Doc Pierce: Jumping from a two story building is what I would call crazy
Kate: I guess that makes two of us

Doc: You dangle a puzzle like this in front of me and you expect me to drop it before it´s solved?

Kate: How about we put your conspiracy theories aside for a minute and focus on solving a murder?

Doc: Studies show that better liars get the hottest women

Doc: Polygraph is not a bad tool, but it only measures stress

Doc: Can the brain ever lie to itself?

Lewicki: It doesn´t make any sense
Doc: It´s a paradox Lewicki, it does not have to make sense.

Doc: Am I in a government watch list?
Kate: Not yet

Doc: I know you didn´t come all the way here to bring me tea.

Doc: Which comes first: Yesterday or Tomorrow?

Doc: Why are you working on a Cold Case?
Kate: Cause it´s not cold anymore

Doc: How can I help you catch him?

Kate: I think that the answer is Lacey

Kate: Retired police agent Joe Moretti, aka my dad

Joe: You were the professor she had the big crush on all freshman year

Natalie: What is the old you telling the young you?

Lewicki: Are you having an episode?
Doc: Yes, I am having an episode. I need to go to the hospital

Joe: Do you always tell your old man the truth?

Lewicki: You should call first
Kate: Next time I promise
Lewicki: Look, what you are doing is not good for him

Joe: My kid, the hero!

Joe: What? I can´t brag about my daughter in my own bar?

Kate: Another needle in another heystack

Doc: I´m pretty sure he is monitoring

Natalie: Do you hear those sirens. It sounds as if it is next door

Doc: Anonymous source? Have you been blabbing to the press?

Doc: I don´t want some stranger lurking at my home

Roger Probert: You got cable?

Lewicki: Not because you ordered, because I´m a nice person.

Doc: I think I understand just fine, professor

Doc: I love you Natalie Vincent

Doc: Those puzzles were clever, but you´d knew I´d be able to solve them

Doc: I meant what I said Eddie, nobody else has to die.

Eddie: I can still push this button, you know?
Doc: Yeah, you can, but I don´t think you will.

Doc: That could´ve gone a whole different way
Kate: I knew you were crazy, I didn´t know you were that crazy.

Doc: I´m just curious about something.

Doc: Religion, if it´s not about blood or repression, it´s about money in the bank.

Doc: Do you still go to church?
Kate: Yes Daniel, I do; and if you must know I still pray
Doc: Why?
Kate: Because I believe in God

Natalie: Must be exhausting to be so cynical all the time

Natalie: I think you are jealous of people with faith

Doc: Tell him to go to Hell

Kate: This offer expires in ten seconds: Ten, nine, three…

Kyle: Does this mean you believe in God?
Doc: Absolutely not, but I believe in you

Doc: Did I do that on purpose?
Lewicki: I´m pretty sure you did

Paul: Ending a class on a cliffhanger always has them coming back for more

Doc: How does a doctor that incompetent manages to keep his license

Kate: That´s why I need a special master

Doc: I know you Kate, there´s no way you are not curious about who killed him

Doc: Humans are the only animals who drink the milk of another species. It´s unnatural

Natalie: I think you are just jealous
Doc: Of Lewicki?

Doc: I think I found out who killed him
Kate: Who did it?
Doc: I can´t tell you
Kate: Why not?
Doc: Cause it´s outside the circle

Doc: So, your boss knows you drifted outside the circle?
Kate: He´s giving me a little leeway

Doc: What? I waited in the car

Doc: If you are done mendling metaphors, I have a class

Lewicki: I told you she was into me

Doc: You can´t, but I can
Kate: Because you are the special master

Doc: You are a narcissist Lewicki, this isn´t about you

Doc: Ain´t no pill that can cure my ill

Doc: You look beautiful
Kate: Thank you, you clean up yourself ok too

Mrs Bannister: If you play your cards right you might as well get both

Doc: Is there something wrong with me? A question we all ask ourselves.

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