American Idol premiered a new season last night.

In this eight season we can see a new judge: Kara DioGuardi, and of course Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson coming back for more.

Rysan Seacrest is the host of course, and he got on camera trying to high-five the blind.

This occurred right after a blind man named Scott Macintyre charmed the judges with his beautiful rendition of “And So it Goes” by Billy Joel. As he came out with of the audition room with his golden ticket in hand, friends and family swarmed him to congratulate him.

Ryan Seacrest came close and as Scott told Ryan Seacrest “I am pumped”, Seacrest declared, “As you should be!” while putting his hand high in the air for a high five. Ryan then quickly realized how absurd what he’d just done was, and tried to gloss over it by saying, “I’m giving you a high-five” and reaching for Scott’s hand. Ryan then put his hand close to Scott’s face, and perhaps because Scott’s “dorky host” sensors are extra sharp, he landed the high-five flawlessly.

I don´t know why the editors let this slip by edition…

Did you see that moment? What do you think?

Check the video of Ryan Seacrest high fiving Scott Macintyre