Rick_Dale_american-restorationYou know that a show is a hit when it starts a trend of shows copying it, when it gets a new version of the show in the same network (see Cajun Pawn Stars) and a spinoff. All those are Pawn Stars accomplishments, and when the spinoff becomes a hit, well, that´s its own merit, and the case of American Restoration.
It takes plenty of know-how to transform a piece of rusty trash into a valuable historic treasure. Rick Dale, owner of Rick’s Restorations, a Las Vegas restoration shop, is up for the challenge – and HISTORY viewers love to see him in action. AMERICAN RESTORATION is currently averaging 2.5 million total viewers and boosting the Friday 10-11 p.m. time slot by more than 140 percent.
Now, AMERICAN RESTORATION returns for new episodes starting Wednesday, January 11 at 10 p.m. with back-to-back episodes on HISTORY. Rick’s customers bring in a brand new batch of oddball artifacts – from a hair raising antique mechanical bull, to a mammoth meat slicer from 1913. When these dusty relics come into the shop, they seem beyond repair. But when they leave, they are collectibles that look and perform like new, and usually worth a lot more than before.

What is American Restoration about? Plot Synopsis

AMERICAN RESTORATION tells the story behind things you just don’t see any more. Rick and his colorful crew bring back to life an Edison projector from the early 1900’s…a tandem bicycle…a rare gas pump…vintage Pepsi cooler…a 1950’s juke box…and much more. And with no owner’s manual in sight every repair is its own mystery. What did the original Mutoscope look like? Where do you find replacement parts for a 1940’s candy machine…or will they have to be manufactured from scratch?  These treasures make up the tapestry of American culture; for every piece that gets refurbished, a bit of history comes back to life.

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