angry-boys-hbo-premieres-january-1On January 1st, HBO will premiere ANGRY BOYS, a new comedy series from Chris Lilley, creator and star of the acclaimed hit “Summer Heights High,” which debuted on HBO in 2008.  Shot in mock documentary style, the show explores the lives, dreams and aspirations of males in present-day society, spotlighting six characters, all portrayed by Lilley, from a pair of 17-year-old twin boys in Australia to a 24-year-old Los Angeles-based rapper.
The series has already received widespread praise in Australia, with the Guardian calling ANGRY BOYS “beautifully observed, extraordinarily executed” and describing Lilley as “jaw-dropping.”  The Sydney Morning Herald acclaimed the show as “bold, aggressive, unafraid to trample on some very shaky ground.”
On the Facebook Page HBO launched for the show, you can try your hand at Guinea Pig Bedtime and see if you can
get the guinea pigs back into their cages, then see how you rank on the “Wall of Legends.” The Angry Boys Facebook page is also the spot to watch videos and download exclusives from the show.  So head on over to the FB Page and get to know the new HBO series that refuses to grow up.

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