Are You There, Chelsea-quotes-pilotTonight Are You There Chelsea? Started and after watching the pilot, here are some thoughts about it, and some of the quotes from it.

BTW, You can also watch the interview with Chelsea Handler and Laura Prepon I did.

Inspired by the best-selling books from actress/comedian Chelsea Handler, “Are You There, Chelsea?” follows the exploits of the 20-something Chelsea (Laura Prepon, “That ‘70s Show”), an opinionated and unapologetic young woman who lives life to the fullest as a cocktail waitress, friend, daughter, sister and sexually dynamic “advanced drinker.”

Chelsea’s life revolves around her work at Jerry’s Ultimate Sports Bar in New Jersey, where she is surrounded by an eclectic group of friends and co-workers, including:  Rick (Jake McDorman, “Greek”), the handsome bartender; Olivia (Ali Wong, “Breaking In”), a fellow cocktail waitress and Chelsea’s best friend since childhood; and, Todd (Mark Povinelli, “Water for Elephants”), the bar back who is always ready with a quick comeback.  Chelsea and Olivia have recently moved in with Dee Dee (Lauren Lapkus, “The Middle”), a sweet and somewhat sheltered young woman who could be considered the polar opposite of Chelsea.  And then there’s Chelsea’s dad, Melvin (Lenny Clarke, “Rescue Me”), a man with a big personality and a big heart… and all too often – a big mouth.

Are You There Chelsea Pilot quotes and moments – Review

First impression: Is Are You There Chelsea´s bar the same that MacLarens from How I Met Your Mother? Very similar at least.

Chelsea: I didn´t know what crime it was, but I´m sure it was fashion related. (Yup, she´s talking about Coach Beist)

Chelsea: Damn, you are good (talking to Vodka)

Sloan: Thank you for getting arrested, by the way. I really enjoyed using a prison toilet for the first time, and hopefully my unborn baby will enjoy her clamidia.

Chelsea: Sloan, you never bail me out! (turns to cop) Yes, I see the irony.

Chelsea: Nobody is a good driver when they are fourteen

Sloan: Holding a flag between your legs is not patriotism

Sloan: Vodka is not the Lord
Chelsea: Are you sure? They are both invisible and have an hand in unexplained pregnancies

Chelsea: If these have hash in it, I wanna marry you and have bi racial babies
Dee Dee: You are funny… but I´m not that funny

Olivia: This place is Sweet!
Chelsea: I know, it´s giving me lady wood
Olivia: Are you sure it´s not from that black guy in the elevator, cause that´s what´s working me right now

Chelsea: Don´t you have a job interview?
Olivia: An unpaid internship. I´m such an idiot to major on journalism
Chelsea: No, you are an idiot for going to college

Rick: Right, picture that, but with hot women

Chelsea: I know we have our differences, but I am this close to giving you a handy

Chelsea: I´m very influential in the drunk community

Chelsea: Maybe I should go out with someone like that, even if he looks like Kathy Griffin

Chelsea: How do you ever get laid?
Dee Dee: I´m waiting til I get married, like the Jonas Brothers
Olivia: So, you are a virgin, everywhere?

Chelsea; It´s been a while since my bottom half smiled

Rick: Finally you get someone to call baby who´s not on top of you
Chelsea: You mean underneath me

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