Busy busy in Wendy Williams front. She just announced she´ll be a member of Dancing with the Stars, and she is doing great with her own show The Wendy Williams Show.

Well, now she had the exclusive opportunity to interview Aretha Franklin herself!

And here is the complete transcript of it

Aretha Franklin Complete Interview with Wendy Williams – Part 1

WW – How you doin?
AF – How you doin?
WW – You look good!
AF – Thank you! A spot of tea for us?
WW – How did you get here? Did you drive yourself in a pink Cadillac?
AF – I did not come in a Pink… (laughs)…I did not come in a pink Cadillac today I came in a black limousine.
WW – Ms. Franklin, you look good.
AF – Well, I’m trying to get there.
WW – I see, and I notice this food here. No hot sauce!
AF – And no pig feet either!
WW – Now do you still eat the hot sauce and pig feet?
AF – No, that’s off the menu now.
WW – Off the menu.
AF – I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures and I was sayin’ ‘You are entirely too fat for words.’ (laughter) I’m getting close to my normal weight I’m only a dress size away now.
WW – Yea.
AF – I was doing everything you could do to lose that weight, and it’s hard, it just really hard.
WW – It’s hard when you really love food.
AF – Sure, when you really love food and when you’ve done a high energy concert you know a carrot is not going to work. A piece of celery is not going to work.
WW – Not unless it’s wrapped up in bacon.
AF – You can’t continue eating things that will hurt you, eventually.
WW – Do you mind if I ask you how many pounds you’ve lost?
AF – Altogether? I would say it’s about 85 pounds.
WW – Good for you!
AF – You know, it was gradual.
WW – That’s the way it’s supposed to be that’s the only way it stays off.  I wanna talk about your health. Recently you had a health scare.  From what I heard you had a pain in your side?
AF – Yes, that was my first inkling that something was not what it should be. The pain was so hard, though, that it almost brought me to my knees. And then maybe a month or so after that I was in Boston in concert and then I got another pain in the side. So I said, ‘The concerts are over. I have to go and find out what is wrong.’
WW – You cancelled your tour. In December we all found out that you were having abdominal surgery.
AF – Is that what you heard?
WW – Well, that’s what was said.
AF – Well, a lot of things were said. I’ve left that behind, I’m feeling wonderful.  I’m feeling great and I couldn’t be feeling any better than I’m feeling right now.
WW – Well I’m glad you’re well.
AF – Thank you.
WW – We all are. Definitely.  When you were at the White House and you wore that legendary gray hat, that hat just really went down in history. What’s the story behind that hat?
AF – It really did, that hat really took on a life of it’s own. It has it’s own site on the internet.
WW – Yeah, it did. Is that hat in the Smithsonian like we read about?
AF – No, unfortunately. And the day was set. We were to go to the Smithsonian, take the hat, have the ceremony, everything and my doctor told me I wouldn’t be leaving town, ‘You will be going to the hospital.’ So we had to cancel the ceremony but now we’ll reschedule and do the whole thing over again.
WW – The hat presentation at the Smithsonian. Who are your old friends? The women who have seen as much as you’ve seen.
AF – In the business you mean?
WW – Yes.
AF – Chakka. Dion. Sissy Houston.
WW – Whitney Houston is your goddaughter and you are her auntie. How did that relationship come about?
AF – I met Whitney as a little girl. She couldn’t of been anymore than yay big. Before we go any further I would like to say I think you did a very good thing for Whitney in speaking the way that you did.
WW – That means a lot.  How is she doing now?
AF – She’s doing very well. She’s doing very well.
WW – Good.
AF – And sometimes all it takes is for someone to say certain things, you know.
WW – Thanks Ms. Franklin, it means a lot.
AF – You’re welcome.
WW – So anyway, enough of that. Do you watch TV?
AF – I love it.
WW – If you watch my talk show then I know you must be a lover of the Housewives from some city.
AF – From Atlanta, love ’em. NeNe, yeah.
WW – NeNe.
AF – She came to my Christmas party about a year or so ago.
WW – Did she? Now did she crash or did you invite her?
AF – I invited her. She is somethin’ else, okay?
WW – I will be watching the new season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ are you gonna be watching?
AF – Oh sure. Didn’t you just love the take when NeNe said, ‘Listen Ms. Star Jones I will take you down!’? So I went, ‘Oh, really?’
WW – She also said she wouldn’t spit on Star if Star was on fire.
AF – Do you think that was real or what?
WW – I do think that was real. I think that Donald Trump was looking for this Omarosa moment and he’s definitely got it. Do you watch ‘Dancing With The Stars?’
AF – I do. Are you going on?
WW – That’s the word.
AF – Are you goin on?
WW – If I was on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ would you go on and sing Rock Steady so I could dance live?
AF – Sure.
WW – You know how I’d dance? However you want, I’d dance.  I love to dance.  Do you dance?
AF – I don’t dance a lot now but I do more of a, um, ballroom. It’s called a Detroit Ballroom. Very sensual and real down.
WW – Lemme find out, sensual. Who’s your dance partner?
AF – (laughs)

In the second installment of the interview, which will air tomorrow the legendary singer speaks about the current man in her life, tells Wendy who she does and does not want to play her in her biopic and indicates she’s looking for someone to star in the film who is more confident than Halle Berry.

Spoilers from tomorrow´s Aretha Franlin interview with Wendy Williams

WW: You thought that halle berry would be great playing you, and Halle said something to the effect of ‘I can’t sing and therefore can’t do Ms. Franklin justice’.
AF: I knew she couldn’t sing, I never expected her to – and she was my first choice, but not my only choice.
WW: Do you still want Halle to play that role?
AF: I would like the person who is going to play me to be more confident.

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